Virdia’s novel extraction processes have led to an economically viable and environmentally friendly solution for promoting renewable industry.

Pre-extraction of Biomass

Virdia has developed an effective pretreatment process that efficiently removes the extractives and ash present in all biomass. The presence of the extractives during concentrated acid hydrolysis can complicate the processes, reduce productivity and may contaminate the final product.



Separation and Refining

The sugar hydrolyzate and lignin exit the process as separate streams, and are de-acidified and refined. The hydrolyzate yields a stream of concentrated fermentable monomeric C5 and C6 sugars that can be used in a large number of food and feed fermentation applications, as well as renewable fuel and chemical applications. The resultant bone dry, low chlorides, low ash lignin solids have a significant energy value.

Sponsorships & Certifications
ISO 2008 Certified ANAB Accredited ISO 14000 Certified ANAB Accredited  
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